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Fuck Her With My Tongue…

That moment when the crotch of her panties slips away from her pussy.
My mouth is nearly watering…

Sometimes I do like to build anticipation,
but other times I just go straight for the kitty.

Put her on her knees,
raise her skirt,
pull her panties down;
lick her soft southern lips from behind…

Lift her feet in the air,
remove her underwear,
let them fall to the floor and savor the sight of her legs parting for me,
her pussy now bare…

She doesn’t seem to mind that this time my tongue hasn’t touched her nipples,
my lips have not kissed her stomach;
I haven’t even licked her thighs and already my face is buried in her snatch;
I’m slowly sucking her clit,
and she gasps with pleasure…

I lovingly nuzzle her clit with my lips as her juices flow and run,
and I can taste them as things become so sloppy;
my mouth is covered in her jizz,
as I lay face down in her wetness, licking, sucking, kissing her down there…

I push my tongue inside her hole and taste her inner flesh before I lick her clit again.
Then again, I alternately lick her clit and fuck her with my tongue…

She talks to me, tells me in many dirty ways that she loves this,
tells me that she loves me.

She curses at me…
She curses at no one in particular:
"Goddamnit," she whispers and I know she’s enjoying this…

She gives me direction,
clasps my head in her hands, tugs on my ears.
I know the climax is coming when her hips start to gyrate rhythmically…

She holds my head in place as she grinds her pussy against my face.
Now I’m her toy.

She grinds faster, then faster still….
"Yeah…" she says again and again…

Then the silent explosion…

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